LibertyRay Philosophy

“A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning,
 and her name, Mother of Exiles.”
— by Emma Lazarus, from her poem “A New Colossus”, in honor of the Statue of Liberty, 1883

Unless our minds or bodies are wrapped in chains, we Americans cannot be made slaves to anything or anyone if the will to live free exists within our hearts. Liberty is an inherent human need. In a free Republic like ours, liberty can’t be taken away from the People – except to the extent that we lose it through irresponsibility, deceit, and ignorance.

ChainThat’s exactly what’s happening: we’re losing our freedoms now because too many of us remain ignorant of the true causes behind the destruction of our once-strong economy, ethical institutions, and principled ideals. Too many are mentally crippled by fear-mongering in the media and fail to do the civic work required to maintain the original American System of government that has given us the freest nation in history.

Unique in all of the world, America’s constitutional legal structure (as opposed to its more recent legal “statutes”) gives the people of this country a very real power to control our government. But, since birth, we’ve been educated away from the knowledge of how to actually use this power.

Such ignorance has been deliberately cultivated in us since the early 20th century when powerful American and European banking families and their minions (who work quietly behind the scenes inside all the essential institutions of our society) began gaining control over our media and educational systems. Since their ultimate goal is to build an “ideal society” (via Socialism) – through which the international bankers control the world’s governments, resources, and labor – they have needed control over the strongest, most independent economy in the world.

But ordinary Americans would resist this plan if they knew of it, so these financier “Globalists” have worked long and hard to sneak in the back door. As unelected policy makers, they use media and education to create illusions for us in order to mold mass perceptions and behavior. As a result, Americans now live inside the facade of freedom, not the reality of freedom.

We know this is a hard, disturbing idea to swallow. The thought wasn’t pleasant for us, either. But in our deep, wide-ranging research over the past few years since we woke up from their carefully-crafted illusions, we’ve found it to be true. We’ve focused on objective, provable evidence — not subjective perceptions unsupported by fact. While it’s useless to try to convince anyone who refuses to hear this, the evidence is no longer that hard to find for those who bother to look. Saying “I don’t believe it” without doing the research for yourself is not a valid argument.

At this point, we have overcome enough of our own fear and ignorance to feel heartened by what we’ve learned…Along with the bad news comes good news: Ordinary Americans like us are far from helpless. All we have to do is wake up to the facts, follow U.S. Constitutional law, force the leaders we hire do the same, and refuse to cooperate with any action from government that harms us. But this can happen only if sufficient numbers of us unite and take on the mantle of liberty that America’s Founders intended for us. This kind of freedom cannot be granted nor taken away from us by any government. It emerges from individuals who are connected to their own authentic “center”, who choose to work together for common goals with other freedom–loving people of any political or philosophical stripe, and who act with responsibility, compassion, intelligence, and love for their fellow human beings.

The most compelling need right now is for the American people to understand the nature of the legal powers we already hold within our hands…and to use them. If a group of elite manipulators hiding within (and poisoning) the institutions we once believed in have made the American People exiles in our own land, this doesn’t have to remain so. If our leaders don’t respond to our needs or serve us anymore, we must stop pretending that they do and exercise our legal and moral strength to rout them out. We can solve our problems but, first, we’ll have to shed our illusions and open our eyes to reality.

That’s why this website exists.

Arms Open To SunWe’ve done enough complaining and hand-wringing about what’s wrong with the world around us; we now seek to enact effective solutions. Our Blog is the creative “think tank” where we can collectively explore new ideas and methods for transforming ourselves, our nation, and our world for the better. But let’s not stop at talk…Through our connections to active, grassroots communities and proposed solutions in the Action Pages section of this site, we’ll help you find the people and places to positively express your energy during this time of great change. In the Education section, we offer a digestible portion of our massive research and an opportunity for you to expand upon it. You can judge for yourselves whether our conclusions are right or wrong. All we ask is that you keep an open mind, be willing to grow, treat yourself and others kindly, and ask respectful questions of everyone and everything. Accept nothing at face value.

During this confusing time, it’s hard to know what’s true. But the truth is within us and around us. It can be found if we will only expand our perceptions; grow our hearts We’re just ordinary people who are learning and exploring. We do not claim to know everything, but we’re definitely not sheep. We intend to find and expose the facts, wherever they lead us.

It’s because we, the huddled masses of America, still yearn to breathe free.



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3 Responses to LibertyRay Philosophy

  1. Wolfberry says:

    Wow! I’ve been waiting for a long time to hear someone say these things.
    Thank you so much for doing this site.

    • LibertyRay says:

      You’re welcome, Wolfberry!

      We welcome your contributions if you’d like to say anything on the blog; you can be one of our first bloggers! Just send a note via the “Contact” button on the navigation bar above if you’re interested.

      Keep coming back, because the site will grow and change over time. Please ask your friends to come and have a look, too.

  2. Ray says:

    This is an incredible website. The need for people to wake up and understand what is REALLY going on is essential…It’s CRUCIAL to whether America survives or not. Wake up your friends and family! The time has come! It is 1776 all over again.

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